Monday, October 6, 2014

Take Control of Your Future

Be the Boss in Your Own Life

Stacy and his brother with Dani Johnson
Who is the boss in your life? Who controls your movements and strides to success and who or what is holding you back? When it comes to being successful in life, many individuals believe that a higher power guides them to where they need to be – God, a higher spirit, Karma – whatever that entity may be, they take the guidance and when they reach a goal, they try to change the plan and takeover. Dani Johnson discusses just this topic in her latest blog titled “Who’s The Boss in Your Life?” Ms. Johnson relates this concept to the story of David from the Bible and goes on to explain how you can gain control in your own life and the importance of humility when you do soldier forth and reach your goals.

Identify the Enemies in Your Life

Much like David had enemies in his life, which were barriers between himself and his goals and successes, so do many of us in our own lives. Some enemies are people, those with negative outlooks who try to bring us down, and others are different circumstances, such as stress, financial problems, and debt. What many of us may not realize is that the same enemy may be taunting and stopping our successes over and over again. The first step in defeating these circumstances is to identify that reoccurring enemy and recognizing how exactly it is stopping us from moving forward. Recognizing these enemies is important, because chances are, you will see these same enemies come up in your life over and over again and they will continue to make you feel as though you are not in control.

Develop a Strategy to Keep Moving Forward

Once you have identified the enemies in your life, Ms. Johnson suggests you come up with a strategy to help keep you moving forward, or as she puts it, “soldiering on.” Hard times, heartaches, and challenges are a common occurrence along the path of life, so knowing what you can do to handle them instead of simply avoiding them is key. There is no set answer for what this strategy should or should not be – the most important aspect of it should be that it motivates you, lifts you up, and gives you the strength and willpower to keep moving through the hardest of times and rise up and defeat even your toughest enemies. Prayer, counsel or leaning on the advice of others are all great ways to keep moving forward.

Do Not Get Cocky

When an enemy or challenge is defeated, it can be an easy course of action to become overconfident or cocky, especially if you are soon faced with another road block. While getting through something difficult feels great and is a great accomplishment, Ms. Johnson stresses how important it is for us to stay humble. Although David was successful against the Philistines, he never allowed himself to become cocky and always sought counsel from God after victory and before his next challenge. It was this humility that allowed him to experience success over and over again. An overconfident attitude often sets individuals up for failure and causes them to stumble more than others along the path of life.

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