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Set Your Small Business Up for Success in 2015

3 Tips to Help Start the Year Off Right

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With the year winding down and companies beginning to close for the holidays, many small business owners are beginning to think about what must be done to see continued success into the New Year. What many do not realize is that planning for this kind of success begins way before the calendar changes to 2015 and that preparation for a prosperous new year takes a lot more time than we suspect. If you have not already begun this process, the time to start is now! By implementing these simple tips, it can be possible to set your business up for 2015 success even if the time to plan is running short.

Think of Business Resolutions

Just as we set New Year’s resolutions for ourselves every year – to go to the gym, eat healthy, be more outgoing or work harder – it may also be beneficial to set resolutions for your business. This is a great opportunity to sit down and decide what positive outcomes you would like to see for the business in the coming 12 months and help to set a strategy of how to reach those goals. It is important to be specific about what you would like to accomplish and figure out a way to measure progress and success with those goals as well as share them with the associates within your company. Having these resolutions in place is important to having something to work toward for both yourself and your employees.

Think About Your Business Growth

One of the goals of any business owner is to see his or her company grow and prosper from one year to the next. In many cases, this growth must be supported by adding more talented individuals to the payroll in order to continue to meet goals. A great way to plan ahead for hiring new employees is to think about what you may need and set dates of when you would like to start the search and have someone hired. Think about different options you may have as well, instead of just hiring someone onto the team full time – can some of your needs be met by temps? Or  maybe by outsourcing the work to freelance professionals? Having a plan in place early will make the hiring process much smoother later on.

Get Yourself Organized

Any small business owner knows that there are many projects, tasks, and responsibilities that are touched throughout the business every day. In many cases, this can lead to an overly cluttered desk, email box, office, and voicemail box. An important part of being efficient and being able to get tasks completed quickly is being organized, and being organized is very important for the head of any company. Before the clock strikes twelve on New Year’s Eve, block out some time to get your office and yourself organized to start the new business year off on the right foot.  Having a clean workspace when you return to the office after the holiday will help to get you started on the right foot.

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