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Clean Up Your Small Business Office for the New Year

Tips on Ringing in 2015 with an Organized Work Space

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Get Organized for 2015
With the New Year comes a chance for small business owners to start fresh and jump into the next year of their business on the right foot. As many business professionals know, the one thing that keeps them from being productive all year round is not being properly organized. By this time in the year, a business owner’s desk is piled high with year-end financials, new business plans, final payroll approvals, and other end-of-year business necessities. Instead of starting off the New Year in the same cluttered work space you have been working in for months, it may be a good idea to get organized and start fresh for 2015.

Clean Out Your Email

Email is one of those business applications that can get out of control very quickly. It is easy for business owners to read a note and let it sit for months at a time, even if they have already responded or resolved the issue. While you have some time to get organized before the New Year, start going through emails that are dated six months back or more – anything that was already resolved can be deleted and anything that needs to get accomplished should be marked for your to-do list. The end of the year is also a great time to archive your emails – this will not only help to free up space in your email application it will also allow you to be able to keep important messages that you may need down the road.

Finish Your Filing

Every business professional dreads this statement – “I have filing that needs to be done.” Instead of continuing to ignore those reports, financial statements and other important papers that have been sitting on the desk for months, take an hour out of your day to get those items organized and put away where they need to go. If you need an important paper for a client meeting or presentation and you cannot find it on the spot, you are wasting precious time that could be used to make money for your business. By having filed put away, labeled and organized you can find anything you need quickly. Also, make sure to continue to block out time once a week or once a month to file to keep yourself organized.

Do Not Hold On to the Clutter

Many professional organizers who help individuals clean out the closets in their homes live by the rule “if you haven’t worn it in six months, get rid of it!” The same can be said for the random papers, emails, and voicemails you have been holding on to all year. Chances are, if you have not needed it in the past six months and it is not a crucial document, you will not need it six months from now. For these “clutter” items, you have one of two options – throw it away or pack it up in a box and move it to a storage area. If you choose to store these items, make sure to label the box with the month and year it was packed away – if you come back to that box a year from now and still haven’t touched it, throw it away!

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