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Top Business Tips for the New Year

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As we begin wind down another year, this is generally the time when we begin to think about what we want to do differently in the coming months, such as eating healthier, relaxing more, spending more time with loved ones, and working out. But as much as we make these resolutions for ourselves, we also make resolutions for our business. While we ponder what needs to be accomplished in 2015, here are some great business tips compiled by BBC Business News to help start off the New Year right.

Lead by Example

Danae Ringlemann, founder of the crowd funding website Indiegogo believes in the importance of being an example as a leader. She mentions a famous quote from Mahatma Gandhi that reads, “Be the change you wish to see in the world.” As an owner, it is important to let your actions speak as loud as your words. If you want a positive change to happen within your business or with your employees, it is important to be that positive change and make positive changes in the way you work day to day.

Get Back to Basics

Many business owners have grand plans to expand, add new products and services, or launch themselves fully into the digital marketplace. While all of these things are great for growing a business and staying relevant, the founder of Nutmeg, an investment company, Nick Hungerford says it is also important for small business to keep to the basics. “Don't over-complicate, and instead think about what your customers genuinely need. What will make their lives easier, richer and more convenient?”

Take Advantage of Resources

The managing director of Divine Chocolate, Sophi Tranchell, stresses the importance of taking advantage of resources and advice that is given from other business professionals. No one has all the answers and being able to cultivate information from others who have been where you are and are where you want to go is vitally important. Tranchell suggests planning what you want to achieve in your business and coordinate the external professional knowledge and internal skills you have to get you to that goal.

Work Hard

James Watt, the co-founder of Brewdog, a Scottish beer company, says the simplest way to see success in the New Year is to work hard but make sure you are enjoying yourself. Part of working hard is employing only the best people to work for you, those who share your passion and your vision and who will work hard for you and with you. Additionally, Watt challenges business owners not to be afraid to take risks, “Don't be scared to take risks … as the biggest risk to your company is when you stop.”

Keep Finances in Focus

“Never spend more than you are making,” says Rob Baines, co-founder of the frozen yogurt chain Snog, “and invite friends into your business with caution.” When a business starts to become successful, it can be easy to justify spending more money on company dinners and client lunches. It is important to keep finances in focus and ensure the extra spend is positive for the business. Business success will also bring people in your personal life out of the woodwork– make sure to approach these situations with caution.

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