Monday, January 5, 2015

One Failure Does Not Make YOU a Failure

How to Effectively Turn Defeat into Victory

stacy oquinn, dani johnson
All of us have made mistakes in our lifetimes, whether it has been in our personal lives, professional lives, or both. In some cases, we have made more than one mistake and often those slip-ups consume how we feel about our current positions in life and about ourselves. It is important to remember, however, that making mistakes is just a part of life – we all make them and we are only human! What is more important than making the mistake is how we react to it and what lessons we learn from it.

Dani Johnson, a renowned motivation speaker and teacher, talks about making mistakes in one of her latest blog entries. In this entry, she stresses the importance of not giving up when mistakes are made and how simply changing your mindset about these kinds of slip-ups can make all the difference in how you view yourself. Ms. Johnson suggests to begin living your life “like a winner” and no matter your current mindset about setbacks, it is important to stop focusing on losing and start focusing on winning.

Do Not Get Discouraged

Ms. Johnson’s first tip to turning defeat into victory is to stop getting discouraged so easily. Making a mistake or being rejected is not the end of the world and although it is understandable to feel defeated or beat down when these things happen, it is important to brush off the disappointment and keep going. Instead of focusing on what made that moment in your personal or professional life embarrassing, difficult, or bad, try and focus on what you can do now to make the situation positive moving forward.

Use Defeat as an Opportunity to Learn

Going through a period of defeat is a great opportunity to learn from your mistakes. It is important to remember that you are not defined by the mistakes you make but how you react to them. Think about what your knee-jerk reaction is when you make a mistake – do you curl up in a ball of self-pity? Or do you shake it off, learn what you can, and move on? Ms. Johnson stresses the importance of  remaining teachable even through hard times and how your reaction to a mistake can change the outcome.

Do Not Be Afraid to Make Changes

Going hand in hand with learning from mistakes is making corrections. Once you have determined what went wrong and how it can be fixed, make sure to take action and implement those changes. If lessons are not learned and changes are not made from mistakes we encounter, nothing will improve and it is possible to continue making those mistakes over and over again. Ms. Johnson says that although the saying “practice makes perfect” may apply, “practice and correction” is really what makes a difference!

Ms. Johnson understands how it can be easy to get discouraged and not want to fight back when we make big mistakes in our lives. But, the only way to improve upon those mistakes and not make them again is to remain teachable throughout the situation and be sure to make corrections along the way. Remember – we are all human, we all make mistakes and how we react in these types of situations will be more remembered by our family, friends and peers than the actual mistake that we made.

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