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Building the Perfect Team to Expand Your Small Business

4 Need to Know Tips to Growing Your Business Fast and Smart

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When a small business owner is looking to grow his or her organization, one of the things to consider is bringing new talent into the fold to help manage the expansion. While the prospect of moving a business to the next level is exciting, the thought of hiring new employees can sometimes cause owners to become deer in the headlights. Having the resources to hire new employees is generally not the issue – the problems lies where making one little hiring mistake could mean big problems for small business.

Meeting federal regulations for hiring, putting out the right job description, making sure to choose the right person to fit the role as well as fit into the existing culture of the business – all of these things keep small business owners up at night when they begin the process of bringing in new talent. Luckily, there are some simple tips that business owners can follow to help make the process a little less stressful while also aiding in following all hiring regulations and finding the perfect person for the job.

Know and Meet All State and Federal Hiring Regulations

State governments and the federal government have laws and regulations that govern the hiring process. In many cases, violating these rules could lead to small businesses having to pay hefty fines for their mistakes. In order to make sure you are within the law consider researching hiring regulations for your state and the federal government through the Small Business Administration. Additionally, you can seek the advice of other professionals in the field to make sure all the bases are covered.

Make Sure Your Business’s Brand Comes Through in the Job Description

Creating a job description can be hard, especially when you are trying to attract new talent into the business and stand out from competitors. It is important to make sure you include all of the job responsibilities in the write up but it is also important to portray what your business is about. When potential employees are looking at job descriptions, they are not only considering what they will need to do to fulfill their role but also how their personality will fit into the business’s overall culture.

Be Honest During the Interview

As any business owner can tell you, small businesses face many different challenges than larger corporations do. When interviewing potential new employees, make sure to be upfront about the challenges and hurdles they may come across in this particular role without giving away any proprietary information. Being honest about what they can expect will help you to gauge whether or not they will fit into the role and will also help the candidate to decide if they are up for the role’s challenges.

If the job will sometimes include duties outside the "normal" job description, let the candidate know that he or she will be expected to help out during these situations. An example might be a small, family owned motel. If you are hiring a "general manager," his or her duties may sometimes including turning rooms or acting as the sales agent with new clients. These are duties that would not be typical in the corporate world, but are more than expected in smaller operations.

Consider if the Candidate Fits into the Business’s Culture

Culture, especially for small businesses, is an important aspect of how the organization operates. Since there are not thousands of employees working for a “small business,” chances are everyone will be asked to work with everyone else at one point or another. “One bad apple spoils the bunch” is a great saying that can be applied to small business culture – one new employee with a negative attitude, lack of efficiency or indifference about their role can have a ripple effect throughout the whole organization. Make sure to consider candidates personalities during the interview as well as their skill sets.

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